Aerial view of Barcelona, Spain

48h in Barcelona : Travel Guide

Did you say sangria? Beach? Hello Barcelona!

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Where to stay ?

The easiest way, especially for a first discovery, would be to stay in the center of the city. This would allow you to be close to the main tourist places and to be able to visit on foot mainly or to be next to a metro station. 

For travelers or digital nomads, I suggest you if you have the opportunity, to rent a coliving because it will allow you to really settle down, to visit everything, to enjoy and who knows maybe even meet other people who do the same things as you. This is the right tip if you want to meet other travelers and enjoy a city that is as good to live in as Barcelona.

How to get around ?

The city without headaches is here. Besides, a little advice, stay several days anyway, it’s worth it because you’ll want to take the time for long walks and it’s a pretty big city. Quite easy of access I must specify it to you because all the same certain points are rather far one from the other, but don’t worry the metro is easy to use and quite cheap.

Day 1

What better way to start your weekend in Barcelona than by the iconic Segrada Familia ? This is one of the most famous Barcelona attractions, you will admire the beauty of Gaudi’s work. Don’t forget that the cathedral is still not finish, but still even if you go in the morning, this place will always be crowded.

Continue you way to one of Barcelona’s park, Ciutadella Park, a nice spot to walk around. You will find some nice spots to eat for brunch and/or lunch around the park. 

Ciutadella park in Barcelona, Spain

You will arrive in the Gothic Quarter, a nieghbourhoud with a beautiful architecture. You will there find the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Gothic Quarter in Bareclona, Spain

In the neighborhoud, you will also fin a well-known market in the city, la Boquaria. One of the best place to eat local food. 

Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain

End your first day by going to the beach, la Barceloneta. You can go there to catch the sunset (or go for a swim).

La Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain

Day 2

Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Lets start your second day by the visit of Parque Guell, another piece of work from Gaudi. That one will offer you original architecture in the parc and a scenic view of the city. Since it will always be crowded, I recommend you to do it favorably in the early morning.

Head down to La Rambla, a gigantic street well-known in the city, home of shopping of Barcelona. This street is a really enjoyable walk, and if you like shopping that is your place to be since you will find most of the big brands out there and big malls.

On that street you will also find, Casa Mila and Casa Battlo, from Gaudi as well (yes this guy is everywhere in the city). You can admire the exterior of Casa Mila. For Casa Battlo, you can enter it actually, it is a great experience, I really enjoyed it. It is quite expensive, in my opinion, but really worth it.

Cas Batlo in Barcelona, Spain

End your afternoon around Placa de Catalunya, in the heart of La Rambla. A nice spot to chill and you will even find a lot of great adresses to eat dinner.

If it is still too early, go ahead to the Montjuic Park, maybe another great place to see the sunset. You can even take the cable car around the park, but i won’t promise that it will be still open. 


Day 3 (Bonus)

Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain

If you have another day, let me recommend you some bonus activities you can do in town and around. 

If you like soccer, then you already know. Barcelona has a well-know soccer team and you  can visit their stadium, Camp Nou. You can even see a match oif it is the season.


Another option will be to take a day trip, to Monserate. If you want the convenience of a tour instead of going by yourself let me recommend you this one. 

Monserat near Barcelona, Spain

A few more adresses to eat

  • The Alchemist
  • Chivuo’s (Gracia)
  • Cervecería Catalana
  • Brunch & Cake
  • König Barcelona Centre
  • Burritos
  • Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop
  • Taco Alto
  • Picnic
  • Cremat 11
  • Benzina
  • taco taco
  • Departure Coffee Co.
  • Tropic
  • Caravelle
  • Alsur Café & Backdoor Bar
  • Mosquito
  • Empanadas argentinas La fábrica
  • Narciso
  • Cafès El Magnífic
  • Can Paixano
  • Satan’s Coffee Corner


Have a nice trip ! 

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