6 months before my departure: Itinerary and provisional budget

This project has been in the back of my mind for several years now. It is finally concrete, I have a provisional date of departure: August 8th, 2021. Unfortunately, you know the current situation in the world because of the pandemic, that’s why the departure date is quite provisional, I prefer to be prepared to all possibilities.

My Itinerary


Concerning my itinerary, it’s very simple, I want to discover as many countries as possible, and above all to devote myself to those where I will be able to accomplish my 50 projects.

I also want to accomplish some WHV along the way. At first, to be able to make a little extra money, but above all, to be able to stay in a country for a longer period of time in order to really adapt to a culture.

I will unveil my itinerary little by little, as my articles and/or videos unfold, to keep this waiting effect for the people who will follow me through my adventures.

A one-way ticket, ideas and above all determination. That’s what adventure is all about!


My budget


I’m not going to teach you anything, long term travel costs money. Budgets will vary for everyone, depending on how you travel, the countries you will visit or the activities you want to do.

I want to travel in the simplest way possible, with my backpack, staying in hostels or with locals. Eating in starred restaurants does not interest me, I remain convinced that the best local food is the one you will find in the small streets.

I will try to use the plane as little as possible, first of all for economic reasons but also for ecological reasons. So I will prefer the bus, the train or hitchhiking (what a great way to get out of your comfort zone, isn’t it?).

I would like to be able to concentrate mainly on my activities, to be able to realize the 50 projects which unfortunately will not all be free.

Until I leave, I will put the majority of my salary aside, it takes a lot of concession and patience to get to an amount that you set, but remember, you are doing this for a good cause!




It should not be forgotten that a round-the-world trip is not only a set of expenses on the spot, but also before the departure.

For example, your medical appointments and vaccinations not to be forgotten. Vaccinations and prices will vary according to your destinations, but this is a criterion that should not be neglected!
There is also the question of travel insurance that you will have to pay for on an annual basis in addition to your trip. I will write an article on insurance and the one I have chosen in a few weeks.

Some travelers decide to buy a round-the-world ticket, if you leave for a certain period of time with your itinerary in mind, why not. This will not be the case for me, I want to keep this spirit of freedom. For the moment, I have only bought the ticket for my first destination: Iceland!

For some countries that I will do my first months, I will also have to apply for visas, to be added in my budget. I will detail all my administrative expenses in another article.

Finally, there will surely be the purchase of equipment. If you plan to camp and hike, do you have the right equipment? If you’re going on a long term trip, you have to be ready for any kind of weather. For my part, I had to add a budget for the purchase of hiking and camping equipment that I didn’t have at all. To that, will probably be added a drone for my videos. I will detail all my equipment in an article the month before my departure.



One way ticket to Reykjavick
150 USD
210 USD
Vaccinnes and medical appointments
500 USD
Travel Insurance
600 USD
Hiking stuff and camera equipment
2000 USD
Between 12000 and 18000 USD a year

I averaged the cost of a one-year trip, in most cases it would cost between $12,000 and $18,000 a year.

Finally the monthly expenses, the international phone subscription Google fi 70USD, my credit card fees 16USD, Spotify 10 USD and the taxes that will not go away 😉

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