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48h in Amsterdam : Ultimate Travel Guide

Are you fed up with traffic? Tired of the pollution caused by cars, tired of traffic jams? Do you dream of a place where you can move around freely? Then welcome to Amsterdam!

This city is a must if you decide to spend some time in Europe! With its many shops, its many pedestrians and especially its many coffee shops… this city is made to please everyone.

There is something for everyone to do here. Come and stroll through these beautiful streets to admire the charming architecture on foot or by bike… because yes, almost everything here is done by bike. Alone or with friends, this is a great place to spend a weekend.

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Where to stay ?

I have two hostel recommendations for Amsterdam. My favorite one is the City trip hostel, really clean, a great staff and a common kitchen. The only downside is that is it a bit far for the center of the city, you will have to use the tram everyday. The dorm price starts at 49 euros a night. 

Flying pig Downtown is the second one will be right in the center, next to the Dam, but you will have to pay the price, since the dorm price starts at 70 euro a night. 

Those are two great options, your choice will depend on your budget. 

 Don’t forget that you will have to pay 2,30 EUR per person per night, since Amsterdam has a City Tax. You will  be charged upon arrival at the hostel.

How to get around ?

The city is extremely well connected by streetcar, metro and bus! To get the most out of your two-day stay in Amsterdam, I  strongly advise you to take an unlimited pass for all public transport in Amsterdam. You’ll be able to get from one part of the city to the other with ease. With the GVB pass, you can access all buses, streetcars and metro.

Once in the city center, or the neighborhood of your choice, don’t hesitate to walk since Amsterdam is a really nice place to walk. 

A third option is the bike ! Bikes are really a thing in the Netherlands, so don’t hesitate to rent one to do a tour of the city ! 

Day 1

Van Gogh Museum

Let’s start our Amsterdam journey with the iconics museums of the city. I will recommend you to start first with the Van Gogh museum and to book ticket in advance since they are selling really fast. If you are hungry you have the Kiosk Rembrandt Van Gogh, just next to it, to grab a quick breakfast. 

At 5 min walk from there, you will the Rijks Museum, one of my favorite museums ! Be ready to spend a few hours there. 

Riks Museum

The third great museum in this neighborhood, optionally,  is the Stedelijk museum. I have not been there but I hear a lot of great things about it. 

If you want to eat on a budget then Febo Amsterdam is the place to go to. There are at least 20 shops around town so you will surely find one. 

A few minutes walk from the museum, you will have the big park of Vondelpark, a great place to walk around for an hour or two, to spend some time in nature in a capital city. 

VondelPark of Amsterdam

If beers are your thing, you can find the Heineken experience ! An interactive visit, with all the information about the history of the brand and of course, some tastings at the end.

Take you way up, and walk to the Bloemenmarkt, the market of flowers. It is situated next to a canal and you will find plenty of different flowers. 

Bloemenmarkt of Amsterdam

In the same street, I can recommend you van Wonderen Stroopwafels, where you will taste the sweet specialty of the country. 

You can end the day with a walk around the neighbourhood and the gay neighbourhood since is just next to it. You can find bars, restaurants, so it’s a great place to spend the night. I can recommend you the Vegan Junk Food bar, to eat dinner, but be prepared to have some queue. 

Day 2

Spend the morning in the neighborhood of Jordans, a great walk to start the day. I have two options for breakfast next to it : PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt or The Pancake Bakery. Both are great since you can find the best pancakes of the city, or pannekoek as they say.

Pancakes Amsterdam

Continue your way to the Anne Frank house, a museum about the life of this jewish writer, who survived World War II.  A sad and tearing visit but worth your time.

One of the best way to discover the city of Amsterdam is by boat on the canals. I have link the one i used during my trip last year. An amazing trip of an hour that will start at the Anne Frank house. 

Arrive in the neighborhood of the 9 straatjes, the 9 streets, consisting of three parallel sets of three alleys separated by the Prinsengracht, the Keizersgracht, the Herengracht and the Singel. A cute area, with little restaurants and local shops. 

You will probably find your way to the city center, Dam. If shopping is your thing, there you will find your happiness there. Walk Up, pass by the Dam Palace, the Dam square and the old church of Amsterdam. My recommendation to eat in this big street will be, Flemish Fries Snackland, a big portion of fries for only two bucks. 

End your day in the Red Light District, the essence of Amsterdam nightlife. Neon lights, women on windows, you see the picture. 

I have a few club recommendations, if you want to go out during your stay. First the most original, the Xtracold icebar, yes an icebar ! If you want more classic bars, then go to the chin chin club or Paradiso ! 

Day 3 (Bonus)

If you have an extra day, then why not explore the Dutch countryside? With mills, and cheese, discover the traditional crafts.

If you want the convenience of a tour instead of going by yourself let me recommend you this one. 

A few more adresses to eat

  • Foodhallen
  • Pancakeshouse upstairs

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