Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

48h in Berlin : Ultimate Travel Guide

Don’t know what to do for Halloween and feel like an adventure in a cooler city? 

Then come to Berlin! 

This city is a bit rough and unusual with an atmosphere all its own. You have to like it… but this city is a real favorite! And a little tip: it’s always better to come during the cold seasons to really enjoy its charm. 

With its many stores, monuments and parties, you won’t get bored here! Besides, Berlin is one of the cities where many stars find accommodation… So what are you waiting for?

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Where to stay ?

The easiest way, especially for a first discovery, would be to stay in the center of the city. This would allow you to be close to the main tourist places.

I have a few recommendations  :

How to get around ?

The transportation system in Berlin is really easy to understand and be ready to take it. First, you have a metro station in the airport that will drive you straight to the city center in 20 minutes. From there, grab a single ride ticket to bring you to your attractions.

Day 1

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Let’s start your first day with the most iconics attractions of Germany’s capital. Grab a metro that will take you to the big park of Tiergarten, a great walk for your morning. From there, walk to the Reichstag Building, a Parliament made a Foster glass, in a Neo-Renaissance style.

After only a 5 minutes walk, head to the Brandenburg Gate, a really impressive monument to watch. Walk around and don’t hesitate to find the 12 gods statues.

Bradenburg Gate in Berlin

Next to it, find 2711 straight columns exposed, that is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, an Holocaust Memorial. There is an underground exhibition room. If you want to take a tour to learn more about the 3rd Reich and what happened in Germany, let me recommend you this tour.

For lunch, I have a few recommendations. You have Burgermeister near to Potsdamer Platz, or Flamingo Fresh Food Bar. Walk straight to the Gendarmarkt, a big square with impressive architecture. There you will also find the Französischer Dom, a former church.

Gendarmarkt in Berlin

Let’s spend the afternoon with some museums ! Since there are a lot of great museums in Berlin, let me recommend this one for today, since we will do the other ones tomorrow, otherwise you won’t have the time to visit them at ease.  So let’s start with the German Historical Museum, an exhibition of German History. 

End your day around Hackescher Markt, a great neighborhood with a few shops and great restaurants if you want to have a great dinner.

Day 2

Start your second day the best way since you will take a boat this morning ! What better way to see the historical center of Berlin than by boat ? Let me recommend you this toud of an hour.

Grab a metro when you finish your tour, and head to the East Side Gallery. It is the still conserved part of the former Berlin wall, covered in graffiti. You will for sure recognise some of them. If you are hungry, then grab a sandwich at SANDWICHart CAFE (Am Postbahnhof) Berlin.

East Side Gallery : Berlin Wall

Continue your way down and find a park. That one is not my favorite one of the city but, the Neptunbrunnen, a fountain that represent Neptune, the Roman God, is worth it.

Spend the rest of your day on Museum Island. The place is classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The island includes the Berliner Dom, a protestant “cathedral” and many art and antique museums: Altes museum, Neues museum, Alte NationalGalerie, Bode Museum, Pergamon museum. The last one is one of my favorite museums since it has a lot of art collections from Greek, Roman and Persian history.

Pergamon museum in Berlin

Day 3 (Bonus)

If you have a bonus day, let me recommend you Teufelbeg station. The site of a former field station, this man-made hill covered in street art offers panoramic views.

If you want the convenience of a tour instead of going by yourself let me recommend you this one. 

A few more adresses to eat

  • Mustafa Demir’s Gemüse Kebap
  • Cô Cô bánh mì deli
  • Markthalle Neun
  • Dolores Mitte
  • momos – organic veggie dumplings
  • Azzam Restaurant
  • Hamy Cafe

Have a nice trip ! 

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