Tips & Tricks

From the preparation of the project, the legal steps or my photo and video equipment, these are all the advices I can give you to become a digital nomad and travel on the long term.

Backpacker in the countryside

What to pack as a digital nomad ? : List of essentials

I have got a lot of questions regarding my travel equipement. Every traveler is different, but I know that having all of your belongings in a backpack, especially a carry-on, can be challenging. Trust me there is nothing worse than having a heavy backpack, full of stuff that you can buy elsewhere, or with clothes that you don’t even wear. You have to find the right...

6 months before my departure: Itinerary and provisional budget

This project has been in the back of my mind for several years now. It is finally concrete, I have a provisional date of departure: August 8th, 2021. Unfortunately, you know the current situation in the world because of the pandemic, that’s why the departure date is quite provisional, I prefer to be prepared to all possibilities. My Itinerary   Concerning...