48h in Lisbon : Ultimate Travel Guide

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a must-see city in Europe, mixing modernity and historical heritage. 
Warm and dynamic but at the same time relaxing, Lisbon has everything to please and at any age. It was a real favorite for me. 
However, Lisbon is far from being the most visited capital in Europe, while it remains one of the most authentic. 
I concocted you a guide of the city with my best addresses and a detailed budget of my time  spent there at the end of the article. 
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Where to stay ?

Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel

The easiest way, especially for a first discovery, would be to stay in the center of the city. This would allow you to be close to the main tourist places and to be able to visit on foot mainly.

  • Lost Inn Lisbon : 16eur/night

    A well known hostel next to Cais Do Sodre, you will have a kitchen, achill area, a nice staff and plenty of activities 

  • Rodamon Lisbon Hostel : 28eur/night 

    In the city center as well, I will recommend that one for digital nomads who needs a dedicated space to work, nice hub to meet other workers. The only downside is  that you will not have a kitchen, so be prepared to eat out everyday.

  • Home Lisbon Hotel : 45 eur/night 

    Best rated hostel in Lisbon, great community and tours possibilities.

  • We hate F Tourists : 35 eur/night

    New hostel, I have not been able to test that one, but heard a lot of positive returns.

How to get around ?

Getting around Lisbon in the fastest and most efficient way is important when exploring this city with limited time. There are a variety of ways to get around it, and it’s a must-visit for anyone who’s planning on visiting this capital.

One of the most popular ways to get around Lisbon is by tram. There are multiple tram routes that run through the city, and one of these is the vintage tram no. 28. This tram passes through some of the city’s most popular areas. It’s a great sightseeing option if you have a few hours in the city.

If you love walking, don’t forget that Lisbon has beautiful sidewalks that go along the sea if you want to go from Baixa to Belem. An original way to do it is by dott scooter as well. In the city center, everything is walkable. 

Day 1

Lonely Planet : Alfama Walking Tour

 Start early in the day, if you don’t have a breakfast included in your hostel, I can recommend a budget option : go to a portuguese paderia, you will find them pretty everywhere in town. You can have there a coffee and a pastry for less than 3eur (tips : go for the pastel de nata or pao de deus, thank me later). 

You will spend a big part of the day in the neighborhood of Alfama, the historic part of Lisbon.Located on the southern part of the city, this neighborhood has some of the most stunning views of the city and the river. The historic district of Alfama survived the destruction caused by the earthquake of 1755, and it is still known for its old Moorish charm. Probably the most visited district in Lisbon, Alfama has plenty of shops and restaurants, and it has steep hills. As seen in the Picture, you will startby the Miradouro da Senhora de Monte that offers a great view of the city. Find you way down, pass the famous tram 28, and others Miradouro. 

Metro Cable 28 in LIsbon

One of the city’s top attraction is the Castelo Sao Jorge, a mid 11th century tophill fortifications. A ticket will cost you 10eur, but only 5eur if you are under 25 years old. 

Pass by the Cathédral Sé and finish up by Praca Do Comercio (as seen on the cover), where you will find plenty of great adresses to eat by. 

Museu Arqueológico do Carmo

Pass the arc of Catalina, you will find the city center with all kind of commerces, a great place to walk by and a lot of shops if shopping is your thing. My advice will be to take the street Aurea to Rossio Square, with the Museu Arqueológico do Carmo (4eur) and the ascensor of Santa Justa to see on the way.

Santa Justa Lift in Lisbon

What a great way to end the day than by a nice dinner. If you walk by the Tage to go to Cais do Sodre, you will find the time out Market. A place for all kind of tastes.

Day 2

For this second day I propose a small tour towards the district of belem which is located a little further from the center but which is worth the detour with a beautiful walk along the Tage, as many options exists. 

There are a few spots in Belem to see, the first one being the Belem Tower and his park.

Belem Tower in Lisbon

Go explore the Jeronimos Monastery, a monument made in honor of Vasco de Gama, the architecture is a must -see. The entry ticket costs 12eur and is worth every penny.

As you walk by in the neighbourhood, you can go admire Padrao dos Descobrimentos not far away. 

How can I miss LX factory, situated between the city center and Belem, a chill place with a nice vibe and lot of creators wanted to be discovered. For shopping, eating or even get a tattoo you will find something to do. A great place to spend the afternoon.


If you still have the energy, I can recommend you to go to the otherside of the Tage to end your stay. By boat, you will arrive in the neighbourhood of Almada, where you will find the famous Cristo Rei and little restaurant by the river such as Ponto Final. 


Day 3 (Bonus)

If you decide to extend your stay for an extra day or two because Lisbon is so great, I suggest some bonus activities to do. This will require a little more effort of course because these are a little further from the center. You will have to take different means of transportation like the train for example.

Sintra will take you less than 2 hours of transportation. The Pina palace and the colors will blow you away. You can take amazing shots there as I did. The ticket to the palace is 14eur but count more if you want to do all the attractions in the area. 

Pena Palace in Sintra

If you want the convenience of a tour instead of going by yourself let me recommend you this one. 

A few more adresses to eat

Brunch in Manjerica, Lisbon

O ninho : Not far from Alfama, in a cute little street, a small place with a variety of choices. 

Copenhagen coffee lab : a bit more expensive for the food, but the coffee is amazing 

Mil Sabores : brunch and lunch option 

Fabrika Coffee roasters : awesome coffee

Manjerica (favorite one) : I took the big brunch menu, with eggs, coffee, yogurt with granola and pancakes, the staff is kind and it’s also a great place to work 

Basilio : great place either for a brunch or dinner, lot of vegan options, you should try their salad bowls 

Pizzeria Romana : pizza slices on the go 

Kong : vegan version of portuguese traditional dishes 

Mexfactory : my favorite mexican restaurant of Lisbon, situated in Lxfactory

Sanksar Népal : nepalese restaurant full of vegan dishes, and cheap

Dallas Burger joint : if you want good burgers with an american vibe

Vegan junkies : my favorite vegan restaurant, their mac and cheese are to die for

My budget as promised 

Lodging in a hostel
48eur 21%
Food : Coffees and restaurants
75eur 35%
16eur 8%
75eur 35%

So you can spend less than 250eur for 3 days in Lisbon. 

Bonus Tips

Beware of the restaurants in the center, which will cost you more than the small local restaurants.

Don’t be afraid to get lost and discover new places, Lisbon is a great place to be and has plenty to offer

If you want to party, The Cais do Sodre district is a great place to explore Lisbon, with a variety of shops and bars. One of the most popular places to visit is the nightclub known as “Lust in Rio.” This establishment features a large ground floor space that can be used by multiple DJs during the early morning hours. This is one of the reasons why the city is regarded as one of the best places to party in the world.

The city’s nightlife starts after midnight, so make sure to plan on having a lie-in the following day if you’re planning on visiting. Many establishments only open after 7 pm, and bars and restaurants remain packed until 2 am.

Have a nice trip ! 

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