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48h in London : Ultimate Travel Guide

London ! The capital city of England, one of the most popular city in Europe and we understand why. Cosmopolitan, active, vibrant and cultural, London has everything to please. 

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Where to stay ?

The easiest way, especially for a first discovery, would be to stay in the center of the city. This would allow you to be close to the main tourist places and to be able to visit on foot mainly.  I have a few hostels to recommend but be aware, London is a quite expensive city. 

How to get around ?

The best way to get around London will be of course the metro, since it is quite easy to understand. Since the day pass is more than 13 pounds, I will recommend you to pay as you go since you will use the card only a few times during the day, this itinerary is designed such that you will walk as much as possible. 

Day 1

What a better way to start your weekend in London than take off your day by the famous Buckingham Palace ? If you don’t know it, it is a building builded in the 1700’s where the royal family lives.

Buckhingam Palace in London

Next to the Palace, you will find St James Park, one of the most iconic park of the city since you will have plenty of events during the year. Continue your way to Westminster where you will find the Abbey. Worth the shot !  If I am not mistaken, you will see the Big ben just behind it.

Take you way to the National Gallery, an art museum dedicated to European artists. The good news is that the admission is free on most days, and it is a must-see in London. A few hours is recommended.

National Gallery In London

You should be starving by this time, so go ahead and find the neighborhood of Covent Garden, the happiness of food. A few places I can recommend : Pick & Cheese, Dishoom and Bun house !

You will arrive right by the city center, the Times Square of London, Picadilly Circus.You will find a lot of big brand stores that go to Oxford Street and behind.

Piccadilly Circus in London

Finish the afternoon by the neighborhood just next to it, Soho ( yes like in New York). The one with the designers stores. There I can recommend Bao Soho and Kati Roll Company, if you want to have dinner. 

If you still have the energy, walk to the Tamise River and enjoy the view of the London Eye, but this time by night.

London Eye

Day 2

Be ready to start this day by another museum ! But this time, the Natural History Museum. The great thing about it is that the admission is totally free ! 

Next to it, you will find the big and famous shops of Harrods, where you can possibly spend a few Harrods if you wanted to. But I have better for you, let’s jump in a metro to go to Camden Town ! The punk Neighborhood ! Still to this day, it is one of my favorite places to be in London. Walk around Regent’s Canal, find the market, go to Cyberdog,… you have so many things to see there. My favorite place to eat when I lived there was What the Pitta, the vegan- friendly alternative to the greek pita.

Camden Town in London

Walk down to see another iconic British building, the British Library ! 

British Library in London

Continue your way to the Millenium Bridge, and you will for sure recognise it because it is a famous photo spot since it is the best way to have a picture of the St Paul Cathedral !

St Pauls Cathedral and Millenium Bridge in London

Pass the bridge and finish your day around the Yard ! One of the most iconic views of the city if you go upstairs. To end your trip, you will see the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London just next to it.

Day 3 (Bonus)

If you have another day in the British Capital, and you are a Harry Potter fan, the visit to the studio is not to miss. 

If you want the convenience of a tour instead of going by yourself let me recommend you this one. 

Day 4 (Bonus)

If you want an alternative to day 3 or just have another extra day, maybe seeing Windsor Castle is a great idea. You could go by yourself or book this amazing tour with Windsor, Stonehenge and a visit To Oxford included !

Oxford University

I lived in Oxford to learn English a few years ago, I could not recommend more this amazing city.

A few more adresses to eat

  • Bleeker Burger 
  • Pizza Pilgrims
  • Dipna Anand at Somerset House
  • Duck & Waffle

Have a nice trip ! 

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