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72h in NYC : Travel Guide

Have you ever heard of the “American dream”? We all have at least one person around us who has this famous dream, this goal of conquering North America and making a career there and what better way to do this than to tell you about New York!

Usually the first destination when we land in the United States and I can tell you that there, you will not see things in the same way because everything is so… grandiooose (you will translate) FABULOUS! I’ll spoil you anyway, the streets of New York are not made of straw and you will quickly come down from your little cloud when you see the subways but apart from that…

It’s such a big city that you won’t be able to do everything in one day but if you want to look a bit more New Yorker, I advise you to walk as if you were late for an appointment and not stop! However, if it’s tranquility you’re after I have a few tips to start with a great walk in Central Park to recharge your superstar batteries. I’ll leave you with the rest of the article and Alicia Keys’ music in the back of your head…

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Where to stay ?

The easiest way, especially for a first discovery, would be to stay in the center of the city and next to a metro station. This would allow you to be close to the main tourist places and to be able to visit on foot and by metro easily.

There is no doubt, New York City is a really expensive city. There are some hostels there, but don’t expect them to be good and on a budget. Here are my few recommendations : 

How to get around ?

New York is a pretty developed city, you will for sure, use the metro system there. I recommend you to take the metro card, it cost 29 dollars and you will have unlimited rides for a week. For the airport, it is really easy to read the center since you have the Airtrain that will lead you to the metro station. 

Day 1

 Lets start your New York City adventure by the neighborhood of Downtown. There you will find the South Ferry that will bring you to the Statue of Liberty, for free.

Wall Street in New York City

Downtown New York is known especially for the financial district, where you will find the famous Wall Street. Take a tour and find the Charging Bull, a statue of a bull made of steel. The myth says that if you touch the bull’s b*lls, you will be wealthy later in your life. So, maybe it is your chance ? 

Go ahead and find later the Oculus Center, you can not miss it since it is gigantic and mainly white. It is really impressive to see. Do not hesitate to go inside, you will find shops and restaurants but it is mainly to take pictures.

9/11 Memorial in New York City

Just next to it, you will find the 9/11 memorial fountains. This is a nbeautiful way to show gratitude to those who died during this tragedy that happened in the city.

If you are hungry, do not hesitate to go to one of the best place to eat a New York specialty, the bagel. That place is Zucker’s bagels, you can find it in a few differents locations, including one in the financial district.

Soho District in New York City

After lunch, go ahead to Soho, the fashion district. You can go there by passing by Chinatown. Soho is know for the luxury shops and the architecture that you will only find there.

Wahington Square Park's arch in New York City

By continuing on the well-know Boradway, you will finally arrive at one of my favorite park in New York, Washington Square Park. You will soon recongnise this one, since a few movies and tv shows have been recorded there.

Continue up in the city, you will find the Flatiron Building, one of the thinnest building in the world. Sadly, it is often under renovation.

Times Square in New York City

To finish up this big day, spend your evening in Times Square, since you can not miss this one. I personally don’t like it. It is overcrowded, very noisy, but it is a once in a lifetime experience. There you will find Joe’s Pizza but be ready to do the queue since that address is pretty famous.

Day 2

Aerial view of New York City

Start your second day by going to the Top of the Rock. Right in the midtown of the city, it will offers one of the best view to the city. You can either by a ticket to  the attraction, byut since you have plenty of things to do in New York, I will recommend you to buy pass. For example, with the Gocity pass, you can choose from 2 up to 5 attractions in your pass. Rather than buying tickets separately, you can buy them directly by your app with your pass and at the best price.

SInce you are in Midtown, that is the perfect time to walk around fifth avenue, rockefeller plaza etc. If you like shopping are not, that is a must see in New York. If you are hungry, don’t hesitate to go to one of the best food truck of the city, Halal Guys. 

Further, you will find Grand Central Terminal. That one is also a film location in New York.

Jump in the metro, direction Chelsea’s neighborhood. There, you will find one of my favorite place to take a walk, the High Line. That one is a previous train way reconverted in a walking path in nature.

To end your second day, at the end of the high line, you will find Chelsea Market. An  amazing place to have dinner since you will have plenty of choice.

Chelsea Market in New York City

Day 3

On the third day, you will start your day with a museum visit. The two I can recommend you are either the Metropolitan Museum, or the Natural History Museum. Both are amazing and worth the visit. If you have more time, you can do both

Museum of Natural History in New York City

Since both are the museum are close, you can after take a walk in the well-know Central Park, since that one is huge, it will take a big part of your day. A great idea is to take something to eat and sit down in the park.

End your afternoon by heading to Brooklyn, specifically to Dumbo. That place is the best to see the famous Brooklyn Bridge. walk and chill around the Brooklyn Bridge PArk. When I used to live in Brooklyn, I would often sit there, during the evening, with a shake shake, and just enjoy the view of the skyline.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo, New York City

Day 4 (Bonus)

Williamsburg in Brooklyn

If you have a bonus day, I can recommend you to spend it in Brooklyn. You still have the neighborhood of Williamsburg to visit. That one is one of my favorite. Betweens shops, cafés, and street art, its is really fun to discover.

To end your day, head to the beach of the city, Coney Island. That is a really fun place to spend your afternoon in. You have the beach, the Luna Park and the hotdogs of Nathan’s famous.

A few more adresses to eat

  • Dough Doughnuts
  • Culture Espresso
  • Los tacos No 1
  • Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe
  • Samesa
  • Hank’s PIzza
  • Siena Pizza

Have a nice trip ! 

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